The universal truths of pollution, disrespect, greed and cruelty affect the creatures with whom we share the planet.  This has been the inspiration for this collection of images which adds my voice to those who work for and support change. My objective is to provoke and inform discussion to elicit change.
I have seen species suffer and their habitats deteriorate as the human population overload consumes resources because they can, because culture demands it or because there is no immediate alternative way for some communities to exist. I have created these images as a set of stylised representations of the scenarios and outcomes that I have witnessed in my work as a wildlife conservation volunteer both in the UK and overseas. The images do not portray all creatures and scenarios but a sample of those that I have experienced.
Art, for centuries, has been a tool for protest, for social change and I have chosen this tool to represent my voice. The aesthetics of the images are the lure to invite the viewer’s attention. Pleasing aesthetics elicit an emotional response and encourage the mind to make a connection. This combined with the composition style, is an approach constructed to encourage people to see, not just to look. The symbolically informative artefacts have been placed to trigger curiosity leading to greater understanding, stimulate compassion and increase empathy. The whole concept encouraging behavioural change. 
If you don’t know or understand the consequence of humankind’s behaviour then you have no reason to care or make changes. These images are a tool to encourage the journey to understanding.   Balance is easily broken: one indiscriminate action has the potential by degrees, to harm a species, disrupt a habitat and/or ultimately hasten extinction – for us all
I submitted this  collection of images to the Royal Photographic Society  for Fellowship status and on the 27/10/21  I was made a Fellow of the RPS

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